The Girl on Rural Ave

I rented her the roomon the basis of her earrings.Freckled nose, newly thin,collar bones cutsharp like her wit.We gave thankswith spanokopitacranberries and turkey,Tupperware bowls.Her vintage eye,a thrift store hound,she let me wearher green dress once.I did again, without asking.She knew but didn’t say.Vodka smoothies, red-eyed research.David Bowie, drunken curries.The cheap skillet warped.I laughed and ate […]

The Purse

I unpack the bag and pluck out my fears— used tissues pinched by fingertips— the truth of me smeared and hidden lest anyone see I’m leaking. Cringe and flinch at the caricature my husband’s ex must make of me, the time she caught me coveting her well-lit composition and poise. My finger tap, a signalshe […]


I was as round as a meal, as pregnant as a pause, a hen in the chicken coop tending to my eggs. Our friends outside circled around the picnic and my blood drained out in clumps. The fibrous exodus of a hoped-for future inscribed farewells on the surface of the water. I sealed my heart […]

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