To Influential Mothers on Mother’s Day

Here’s the thing about motherhood—it is the entrance into a perpetual, fluid experience that you can influence, but you cannot control. It is a state of relationship to a child born, unborn, yearned for and not yet. It is a moment where you cease to be the primary protagonist of your story. Your storyline splits […]

The Thing About Dreams

The thing about dreams iswe build them from the inside.Our eyes close, our minds constructtreehouse cities, disco skylines.Oh, what a world we’d architectif our steel was empathy.A home for every wearied body,joy in blackness, queerness thriving,diversity resplendent as stained glass.Our beauty illumined.Community.


Please.Go to sleep.A song,a plea,a curse,a promise.In your restI find my own.

The Contract

I catch your grasping fingersin the soft cage of my hand,my touch, a contract.I am here.


Naked as a babe I stand,and survey the damaged hillsand valleys of my skin—familiar landscape made foreign.If my body was the temple,you were the holy spiritthat craved a fragrant sacrificeof blood and milk to blessthe world with hope.I wonder now at what I am:the other side of a miracle.The altar stained, the crowd dispersed,the prophecy-now-memory.Remember […]

The Beacon

The BeaconI know the undulationsof your nascent, breathy song,the tender language you carryin this unknown world.Your cry, the lighthouse beaconand I, the ship approaching shore.

As a Mother

As a MotherWhen you cried out in the night,weak and low,in the voice that only I can hear,you tensed the stringand flew me like a kiteupon the urgent wind.I am yours.


It starts with comparison.I pull the measuring tape taut,square it off, count the hashes.Pencil the number on a crumpled receiptand chant the incantation:Money back within thirty days. Discrepancy makes me a sorcerer’s apprenticemultiplying not brooms, but yardsticks.All things transmogrifyin service of appraisal:The floor length mirror.The business card.The photographs of Rome.The published byline.The summer cabin.Trust fund […]


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