Rocks in the Riverbed

Ask yourself about your childhood. Was it a happy one? When you recount the story of wiggling your first loose tooth with your tongue or the time you got the chicken pox, is the sun shining in the background? What about the trip to the park where you flew kites with a neighbor kid? Or […]

A Reflection

I’m on a kind of runner’s high ー that euphoric inner glow, fed by adrenaline and endorphins, my brain’s reward to a body that has gone the distance. I’m just across the finish line of this past weekend’s Rise! Yoga and Writing for Transformation retreat, led by Molly Chanson and Julie Tallard Johnson. I’ve spent […]

A Letter to My Mother

The vow you made years agoin the safety of your heartwas to launch your own ship onto a rocky reef,to keep the treasure in the holdfrom the hands of a watery god. You were weather-worn, soaked in sea brine,skin cracking from the salt sprayand thirsty.You threw the bowlines,dragging the anchor of your own woundsdeep along […]

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